Srebrenica Genocide Research
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Srebrenica Massacre

1. What is Srebrenica massacre?

2. How many Bosniaks died during Srebrenica genocide?

3. Were Srebrenica massacre victims gassed with chemical weapons?

4. What were the United Nations’ Conclusions regarding Serbian claims about Serb casulaties around Srebrenica?

5. What about Naser Oric and individual acts of crime? What about militarized Serb villages around Srebrenica from which Serbs launched daily offensives on Srebrenica civilians?

6. What was the role of Bosnian defence forces in the Srebrenica enclave?

7.  Were women also victims of Srebrenica massacre?

8. Why is there such a vocal movement of conspiracy theorists, deniers, and revisionists assaulting Srebrenica genocide truth and memory?

9. Was Dutch NIOD Report convenient way for the Government of Netherlands to moraly equalize genocide with individual crimes of war and wash its hands from responsibility with respect to failures of Dutch forces to protect “save haven” of Srebrenica?

Srebrenica genocide is not a matter of anybody’s opinion; it’s a judicial fact recognized by the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia and subsequently by the International Court of Justice at the Hague.